Payment Gateway For Tech Support

I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding how to get a payment gateway for tech support in india, i am pasting a question here from one of our readers, have a look :

How to get merchant account / payment gateway for online technical support business being operated from India?

Hey guys,

We are based in India, we are running online tech support to provide online technical support to people in US and Canada. And for the same we need to accept payments from them through credit cards. We have tried contacting several merchant account providers for the same and most of them have denies by saying that they don`t provide merchant services for tech support business anymore, some of them needs processing history (which we do not have being a start-up). Can anyone suggest what would be the best way to get merchant account / payment gateway for online technical support business. We need high risk merchant service, so we avoid companies like paypal, 2co, alertpay and all. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

So, to answer this question , i would advise you to view the video below, i contacted this company and it seems that they are actually providing payment gateway for technical support without any setup fee or hidden fee. You can call their india operations head via the contact form to get a payment gateway for tech support process.

There are many other fields that can be added in the international payment gateway for tech support depending upon the nature of payment and the nature of process of technical support.

If a Tech support wishes to get a professional payment gateway for PC tech support then it can be developed for it’s processes, it can easily contact the payment gateway for tech support business , designing companies or any website designing companies who are proficient in making such payment gateways.

A professional payment gateway for technical support for international clients should be extremely secure and safeguarded from all kinds of malware and hacking attacks as tech support transactions are quite huge and any negligence may lead to heavy losses for both the tech support and the international clients. Payment gateway Process

One can also find various web designing companies online. These organizations gather details about the tech support handler and create a comprehensive payment gateway for tech support by incorporating all the necessary elements. Their process is also in compliance with all the rules and regulations set for the international dealing.

SO, for a payment gateway for your tech support/technical support business contact the company in the above video.